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Imagine being 30 years old and still paying off a slice of pizza you bought when you were in college. It may sound crazy, but problems with credit card debt can lead to this scenario.

Learning how to use credit cards responsibly now can save you from having to dig yourself out of debt after you graduate. It also helps prevent you from having a bad credit history in the future that will affect other things you want to do.

You know that the loans you take out for college need to be paid back once you graduate. If you add a large monthly credit card bill (avoid the temptation to charge your tuition) to that amount, you may find yourself in a very difficult situation financially. 

The Student Loan and Money Management Center can help you understand the impact of credit and borrowing.

How Credit Cards Work
Learn about the basics of credit cards: grace periods, finance charges, Annual Percentage Rate (APR), and more.

Credit Card Facts
Understand the effects of borrowing and APRs.

Credit Reports
Did you know that there are three major credit bureau reporting agencies? Find out how you can get a free credit report.