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Diamond Dollars

Diamond Dollars

Funding your Diamond Dollars Account

Diamond Dollars can be a very helpful and useful tool for your life on campus. Using Diamond Dollars eliminates the need to carry cash to make purchases on and near the Temple University campus. Throughout each semester, students have the ability to fund their account in a variety of ways. Most obvious are by using either cash or check. In addition to these deposit methods, students can have parents or people interested in providing spending money for their use access the Diamond Dollars website and make deposits via a secure website with credit cards. If students have excess Financial Aid and would like to place some of those funds into their diamond Dollars account, they can also do this by visiting the Diamond Dollars website or logging into the TUportal and linking into their account. Lastly, for students who would like the option of maintaining all of their semester charges in one convenient place, Diamond Dollars may be added to the student tuition bill through our website as well.

While customer service is vitally important to the Diamond Dollars office, and these deposit mechanisms serve to increase the positive customer experience, we are aware that this is real money to our students. We stress the importance of only depositing the amount of funds you will truly need to get through any given semester. Some students may feel the comfort of knowing a parent or loved one is paying their bill, but this does not lessen the need for fiscal control. Other students, paying their own way through loans or savings also know the importance of fiscal responsibility. While we limit the amount that can be billed to tuition each semester, this is still a real debt being incurred.

The Diamond Dollars Office is available to discuss financial concerns regarding the program with any students or parents that are interested. We have many Diamond Dollar Q&A's available on our website as well as a complete listing of Diamond Dollar vendors enrolled in our program. Please feel free to contact our office via phone at 215-204-3140, or through email at There are other very valuable financial resources available at the university's Cash Course website.