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Planning to Finance

Planning to Finance

You should ask the following 10 questions as you plan the financing of your education.

Some questions are general and apply to any school you might attend; others are more specific to the programs and procedures of each school you are considering. Remember, financing your education will involve a collaboration among you, your family, the school you attend, and your lender(s)

  1. What should I be doing now to prepare for the cost of my education?
  2. What financial aid programs are available to me at the school I am considering attending?
  3. What can I do once I arrive on campus to minimize the cost of school?
  4. What is the financial aid process and how do I apply for financial assistance?
  5. What financing options do I have if I cannot pay the full cost of school from my own resources and those of my family?
  6. What is done with the information I provide?
  7. What is the purpose of financial aid and what do I need to know about the process?
  8. What should I know about the aid (e.g., grants, loans, work-study) I am offered?
  9. What is the basic philosophy of the financial aid system?
  10. What impact will the loan(s) I borrow have on me after I complete my education?

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