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Apply for Aid

Apply for Aid

Did you know that you must file your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) every year in order to receive financial aid? The priority deadline for Temple University is February 1.

You and your parents may file your FAFSA even if you have not filed your federal tax return. You should file even if you think that your family will not qualify for aid. Also keep in mind that even if you only qualify for student loans you are still required file the FAFSA application. The federal government permits you to "estimate" the income information on the FAFSA application. Income information is updateable once your taxes are completed. Just remember to indicate on the FAFSA that you "will file" when completing the application.

It is important that you strictly follow Temple University's filing deadlines. Many students lose funding simply because they did not meet financial aid deadlines. Here are some quick tips to help you navigate the financial aid process.

  1. Create a financial aid folder, portfolio, etc.
  2. File the FAFSA before February 1 (this means make sure that the FAFSA is complete and in our office by February 1).
  3. Note Temple University's Federal School Code for Main Campus 003371.
  4. Follow up and respond to all requests for information promptly.
  5. Borrow wisely and only what you need, but more important, keep track each year of how much you have borrowed.

Finally, financial aid can be complicated. There are strict federal and university guidelines that must be followed.

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